MBBS Abroad for whom?

Choosing to study MBBS in India is widely regarded as the optimal choice for individuals aspiring to contribute to the Indian healthcare system and fulfill the nation's demand for essential medical services.

MBBS admission in India is challenging due to the limited number of medical colleges and seats available.

This situation leads to intense competition and many meritorious students being unable to fulfill their dreams of becoming doctors.

An alternative option for those who are unable to secure a seat in Indian medical colleges is to pursue MBBS abroad and then return to India to practice medicine.

Upon successfully qualifying in the NEET exam, students who meet the following three conditions can explore the viable option of pursuing an MBBS degree abroad:

  • When you are unable to secure a seat in Government Medical Colleges

  • When financial constraints prevent you from considering Private or Deemed Medical Colleges

  • When you are unwilling to dedicate an additional year to prepare for a higher rank in order to secure a seat in Government Medical Colleges or obtain a low-cost seat in Private Colleges

Upon completion of MBBS degree abroad, you can return to India and undertake the necessary licensing exams and registration processes to practice medicine.

The National Medical Commission (NMC) conducts the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE), which evaluates the eligibility of Indian citizens who have obtained their medical degrees from Foreign Countries. Successful candidates can then apply for registration with the state medical councils and pursue their medical careers in India.

National Medical Commision has proposed to replace FMGE by NExT.

Foreign medical graduates wishing to practice in India will have to appear for the NExT Step 1 exam, complete the internship, and then pass NExT Step 2 exam to become eligible for practice.

NExT would be used to determine eligibility and ranking for admission to PG medical education in various medical specialisations. It would serve as an entrance exam for PG medical courses.

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