What's NEW in 2024?

  1. Any Non-Karnataka candidate willing to take admission in any MBBS seat, including the Q Quota and NRI Quota seats allotted by KEA, should register with KEA by February 10, 2024 (Extended to February 20, 2024).
  2. Please note that for registration KEA portal will not be enabled again.
  3. All MBBS seats are allotted according to NEET Score.
  4. Only registered candidates will be allowed to enter their NEET-2024 scores in the KEA portal for participating in the Karnataka medical college counselling process.
  5. Please be sure to check back for future offerings.

Karnataka Examinatin Authority (KEA) conducts MBBS admission counselling on the basis of NEET score for :

  1. All Government Colleges in Karnataka (State quota seats - 85%)
  2. All seats in Private Colleges (Minority/Non-Minority)
  3. All seats in Private Universities
  4. State quota seats in Deemed University

Classification of Seats

Seats are classified into four categories:
  1. G–Government Seats
  2. P-Private Seats
  3. N-NRI Seats
  4. Q-Others Seats
1.(G): Government Quota Seats:
Seats in Government colleges and Government share of seats in Private colleges.
  • 100% of Seats in Government colleges
  • 40% of Seats in Private Medical Non-Minority colleges (KPCF)
  • 25% of Seats in Private Minority (Religious & Linguistic)colleges
2.(P): Private Seats:
Seats in Private Colleges (KPCF, AMPCK, and KRLMPCA)

In KPCF Colleges:
40% seats in Medical Colleges are reserved as private quota seats.
  • GMP seats: For 50% of the above 40% seats, only Karnataka candidatesare eligible (referred as GMPseats /GMP with Hyd-Kar seats in case of colleges located in Hyd-Kar region).
  • OPN seats: Remaining 50% of the above 40% seats  are “OPEN” quota seats: These seats are filled based on NEET-UG All India merit and only Citizens of India are eligible.
In KRLMPCA and AMPCK Colleges:
55% of seats reserved as private quota seats.
  • 66% of the above seats will be filled by respective religious /linguistic minority candidates (MK, MA, ME, MU, MC, MM seats).
  • In 34% of the above seats
    • GMP: 50% of the above 34% seats are reserved for candidate of Karnataka Candidates (GMP seats)
    • OPN: 50% of the above 34% seats are reserved for All India candidates who are Citizen of India (OPN seats)
3.(N): NRI Seats:
15% of the total seats reserved for NRI quota in KPCF, KRLMPCA and AMPCK colleges.

4.(Q): Other Quota
5% of the total seats reserved for others in KPCF, KRLMPCA & AMPCK colleges.

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