Personalised information for the admission in Government Medical Colleges

If you're here, it suggests that you've invested considerable effort in preparing for NEET. Now, your goal is to optimize the effectiveness of your NEET score as you commence your journey into medical education.

After achieving a high score in NEET, the counselling and admission process is the next crucial phase. Careful planning and execution are essential to secure a seat in a Medical College that perfectly matches your individual requirements.

Before proceeding, please read this if you haven't already. Why Personalised Counselling?

The comprehensive Counselling process is as vital as NEET preparation in attaining your career objective of pursuing medical education.

How will our Personalised Information Package assist you?

A team of counsellors, each with more than 20 years of experience, supervised by specialised doctors, will assess your situation thoroughly, taking into account all factors influencing your decision. They'll then provide personalised guidance to help you choose the best options available.

It will guide you through the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds of Counselling sessions, and if needed, provide assistance for up to the 4th round, depending on your specific needs and circumstances.

At the conclusion of this process, you will possess a meticulously crafted plan and a prioritised list of preferred colleges to proceed for MCC/State Counselling.

You will have a single source for all necessary information and for discussing and clarifying any questions that may arise in your mind, ensuring a smooth decision-making process.

What does this Personalised Information Package cover for you?

This information package is divided into two Phases:

Phase-1 Involves analysing your requirements and preparing a preference list to ensure that you secure the best college that meets your personalised career needs.

Phase-2 Entails providing continuous support and essential information throughout various counselling rounds until you secure admission to the Medical College of your preference, ensuring a seamless process and guiding you through without any obstacles.

The Process:

We've streamlined the process for dedicated students who want to make well informed decisions.
Once you express interest, our counsellor will smoothly guide you through the process. There is a service charge of Rs. Ten Thousand for each Phase.

*Please be aware that there cannot be any manipulation in the NEET counselling process at any stage, in any manner.