Personalised information for admission in Private/Deemed Medical Colleges

For dedicated students, we recommend thoroughly reviewing this section to make the best decision when choosing a college, taking into account all factors that may impact their future.

When considering admission to Private/Deemed Medical Colleges, various factors influence the college selection process. Our observations highlight that finances are crucial for most students. However, from our extensive experience, we can affirm that financial considerations alone do not determine the best choice of College.

Even if you are financially secure, opting for a high-fee college may not always be the optimal decision. Therefore, admission to Private/Deemed Medical Colleges is not a straightforward choice. We have also noticed that most of the students opt for colleges that may not be the best fit in terms of NEET rank and financial aspects.

Before proceeding, please read this if you haven't already. Why Personalised Information?

Although all seats are allocated through MCC/State Counselling and everything appearing transparent and smooth, we can assure you that without getting well informed, there's a high chance you won't end up in a college that best meets all your requirements within your budget.

Getting accurate information is essential, and obtaining unbiased information poses a significant challenge.

The thorough Personalised Counselling information is just as crucial as NEET preparation in accomplishing your career goal of pursuing medical education.

How will our Personalised Information Package help you choose the best College for your medical education journey, taking into account all factors that may affect your decision?

A group of experienced counselors, led by doctors who have been in situations similar to yours, will review your profile and take into account factors like your future goals, desired exposure, NEET rank, financial situation, language skills, background, location, gender, personal needs, and more.

They'll provide guidance to help you choose the best options for your medical education journey, ensuring you make the right decision.

We will make sure you are informed about all possibilities and relevant information so you can make the best decision possible.

Once your preferences are determined, the team will ensure that your Counselling process proceeds smoothly at each stage, tailored to your specific needs. You'll have one place to get all the information you need and to ask any questions you have, making sure everything goes smoothly.

This information package is divided into two Phases:

  • Analysing your needs, taking into account all factors that influence your decision.
  • Assist you in selecting the best college option that matches your needs
Once you've chosen your desired college, we'll offer ongoing support and essential information throughout the Counselling rounds until you secure admission, ensuring a smooth process and guiding you through any obstacles.

The Process:

Once you express interest, we ensure a smooth process. All necessary information will be provided via phone call, WhatsApp and email. There is a service charge of Rs. Twenty Thousand for each phase.

  • All college seats are filled through MCC/State Counselling.
  • The NEET counselling process is fair and cannot be manipulated.
  • We offer unbiased and thorough information that's hard to find elsewhere.
  • You'll have a full understanding of the counseling process without missing any details.
  • Having access to complete information is essential for making the best decision.
  • We assure you that you'll cherish this decision forever.