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Empowering You with Comprehensive information for MBBS Counselling.

targetNEET.com is dedicated to providing aspiring students seeking MBBS admission in Government Colleges, Private Colleges, Deemed Universities, and MBBS programs abroad with comprehensive and personalised information services.

We recognize and respect the uniqueness of each individual and understand that everyone has different requirements.

Our aim is to offer tailored assistance that addresses the specific needs and requirements of individuals pursuing their dreams of studying medicine.

Who we are?

We are a diverse collective of Education counsellors and Doctors with varied backgrounds and experiences, representing different locations and perspectives.

We have united with a shared purpose: to utilize our expertise in assisting students who are currently grappling with challenges related to MBBS counselling and the admission process.

Having encountered these obstacles firsthand in our own journeys and with an in-depth understanding of your needs, our goal is to deliver personalised guidance and supports  to you with tailored and customised information that aligns perfectly with your requirements.